Top 3 Books I Read in 2017


1. “State & Revolution” – Vladimir Lenin
An incredibly necessary political text written DURING the Russian Revolution in 1917. In fact, the book is even unfinished because Lenin was too busy literally leading the only successful socialist revolution in history. This book is absolutely critical for anyone who is serious about ending oppression once and for all! If you don’t know the difference between Stalin and Lenin, look it up, and then pick up some Lenin because the dude will blow your mind. Absolutely brilliant political thinker and revolutionary.

2. “Counterpower” – Tim Gee
Found this one at the Big Idea, my favorite place for radical reading inspiration. An in-depth historical look at several critical social movements in history, including India’s Independence from Great Britain, ending Apartheid in South Africa, and ending the Vietnam War in America. Some are success stories, other are not. Gee explores the tactics used by organizers in each of the movements discussed to determine the best fighting tactics for change.

3. “The Dispossessed” – Ursula Le Guin
I usually HATE fiction, but dystopian scifi is becoming an exception for me. I tried to read a different book of Le Guin’s years ago and it just didn’t resonate. I am so glad I tried again with this book though because it rocked my world! The book tells the story of a physicist who lives in a small anarchist colony on a moon called Anarres. His world and its parent capitalist planet Urras have been socially disconnected for 160 years until scientific progress depends on their reunion. This book challenged so many social and cultural ideas of what a functioning socialist world might look like and was just delicious candy for my radical queer brain!

I’d love to host a book club/discussion group for any one of these books!