Intentional Online Discussion


Welcome to my blog Femme Power 007! It seems appropriate to explain what this project is and why I started it. Sharing thought online is something many millennials have been engaging in since quite a young age, myself included. After interacting with the web through AOL, AIM, and HTML for a couple years, I started my first online journal in late middle school, graduating to regular livejournal use by early high school. My friends and I all updated each other a couple times a week on how our weeks were going – happenings in class, marching band, family, what have you. It was small and personal – we all commented on what each other said because it was essentially a group conversation. Since those days, social media has evolved tremendously, to MySpace around 2005 and Facebook around 2007, which is currently a platform that dominates a serious number of lives on this planet. Online sharing went from being personal conversations between in-person community groups or online shared interest groups to an enormous capitalist industry that mines data and uses algorithms to control what information people do or do not see. We now have a way to contact a billion people around the world directly to their cell phone! Needless to say, lot has changed in how we interact with one another.

Over the last few years, we have seen Facebook go from being a personal social tool to a global marketing giant, and the attitude of what gets shared has changed as a result. Nowadays, our news feeds are dominated by political rants, clickbait articles, fake news, and very real news, like raw images of police brutality, war, and hate crimes. It’s an emotional rollercoaster for most people to log on most days, but we care about what’s happening so we continue to engage. I spend a lot of time sharing leftist political news and views on Facebook in an effort to reach people with a socialist message that they may not otherwise be accessing. Undoubtedly though, Facebook is being used by Elites like Mark Zuckerburg to control the information that gets spread. To those of us who actively share content from causes like Black Lives Matter, No DAPL, anti-war, and general Leftist opinion, it is abundantly clear that our messages are being dampened while silly memes flood our feeds.

Simultaneously, when political messages are seen, they become battlegrounds. Suddenly everyone is a political expert even though their analyses of politics and the world are completely false and not based in history. Their theory falls apart at the first challenge. It is a really frustrating phenomenon to witness. Everyone is terrified of being called out or is stressed out by some FB argument they are involved in. It is becoming obvious to me that social media is a tool being used against the working class to keep us tied up in petty arguments instead of building genuine relationships with one another so that we can fight the bosses together. Look at the growth of social media: they replaced genuine personal connection with corporate information control.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have also limited the amount of information we can share at once, which leads us to make short jabbing comments about issues instead of being able to write longform pieces that explain the thought behind the point. I do not believe these short bursts of information are enough to truly change someone’s perspective on an issue. Most of the time people get defensive and close off. This is not my preferred approach to discussion! I would much rather find our common ground and then move forward from that basis.

These are the reasons I am beginning to explore a blog as a way to write about my political views and the way they connect with the various projects I run or participate in during my daily life. No doubt I will have less reach for my posts than I do on Facebook, but I hope to engage people who care to follow in genuine political thought and discussion. I am an active socialist, a community organizer, and a radical poly lesbian. I have a Bachelor’s in Political Science, a Master’s in Food Studies, specializing in Food Justice, and I have been working in leftist political organizing for 2 years. I am also a Certified Permaculturalist and former farmer. I have been running a justice-based intentional community in Pittsburgh for 5 years. All of these qualifications inform my perspective on international, domestic, & local politics, queer theory & lifestyle, intentional community, and the future of food & farming, which are largely the topics I will be writing on.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and are interested in joining me in discussion and exploration on these subjects!

Solidarity with all Oppressed Peoples! The revolution is intersectional & international or not at all!